The treaty was signed with Poland in October, 18, 1672. Due to the treaty, the Ottomans took Podolya and Poland had accepted to pay taxes both to the Ottoman Empire and to the Prince of Crimea. But the Council of Poland rejected to pay these taxes, and the Ottoman Empire organised a campaign to Poland. This campaign took four years, many castles were captured0; although, Poland sent an ambassador and requested peace under condition of taking back Podolia and Ukraine, the Ottoman Empire rejected. Meanwhile, Koprulu Ahmed Pasha were taken ill and he returned to Edirne. Ibrahim Pasha replaced him and invaded 48 castles in a short period of time. Under these circumstances, Poland had accepted to apply the treaty of Bucas. Another treaty was signed in Zarawno in October 27, 1676 and Koprulu Ahmed Pasha had died three days after this treaty.