Sultan Ibrahim I was born in November, 5, 1615. His father is Sultan Ahmed I and his mother is Maypeyker Kosem Sultan. He came to throne following the death of his older brother Murad IV. Ibrahim was so depressed with the palace intrigues and his brotherís unexpected death that he did not want to believe that he became the Sultan. He could not have been believed that his brother was death until he saw his dead body.

Sultan Ibrahim was suffering from neurasthenia and he had nervous attacks. He was the only crown prince when he was ascended, when his son Mehmed (Mehmed IV) was born a public rejoicing was organised. Ibrahim was a merciful sovereign and he declared firmans to hinder the famine and poverty. But, he was dominated by his mother. His reign can be considered as the reign of Kosem Sultana. In August, 1648 Sultan Ibrahim was strangled.

When Ibrahim came to throne he was in his 25th year. As a prince he was so obsessed that he would be killed because of intrigues and he became a neurotic. His grand vizier Kemankes Mustafa Pasha administrated the empire, he signed the treaty of Kasr-i Sirin with Iran and he restored the financial problems. He renovated the navy as well.

Sons: Mehmet IV, Suleyman II, Ahmed II, Orhan, Beyazid, Cihangir, Selim, Murad
Daughters: Ummu Gulsum, Peykan, Atika, Ayse, Gevherhan