Until 1584 the Ottoman-Venetian relations were remained peaceful. But in this year, the Venetian navy commanded by Admiral Emmo attacked an Ottoman ship in Kefelonia. That Ottoman ship was bringing the corpses of the Governor of Trablusgarp Ramazan Pasha, his wife and his children killed in the Yeniceri Revolt.

The Venetians, killed 250 Ottoman naval cadets in this attack, raped women and thrown them into sea. The Ottoman council sent an ultimatum to the senate of Venice.

The Venetian Senate accepted the Ottoman ultimatum and executed admiral Emmo, sent the corpses of Ramazan Pasha, his wife and his children and the goods in the ship to the kadi of Preveze.

The Ottomans sent another ultimatum to Venice saying;

“The Venetian pyrites will never touch an Ottoman ship military or civilian. If happens a navy will be immediately sent against Venice.”

The Senate of Venice against the decisiveness of Sultan Murad III sent three ambassadors to Istanbul and tried to solve the conflict tranquilly.