Sultan Murad III had had built new parts to the Palace of Topkapi. Famous architect Sinan built many masterpieces until his death. Some of the monuments commissioned to Sinan are; Azapkapi Sokollu Mosque, Izmit Pertev Pasha Mosque, Semsi Ahmed Pasha Mosque and School, Kilic Ali Pasha Mosque in Tophane, Muradiye Mosque in Manisa, Ivaz Efendi Mosque and Ramazan Efensi Mosque. Architect Sinan had died in 1588 and the monumental architecture had been declined.

In Sultan Murad IIIís period, the Castle of Kars was built. The walls of Kabe-i Serif in Mecca were rebuilt by marble. The Toptasż Asylum in Istanbul was constructed.