Sultan Selim entered Alleppo without any resistance on 19th September 1516. Humus (21st September 1516) and Sam (27th September 1516) had surrendered, the Emirs of Lebanon had accepted the Ottoman supremacy. Sultan Selim went to Jerusalem on 30th December 1516 , to Gazze on 2nd January 1517.

After the Battle of Mercidabik, Tumanbay ascended the throne. He rejected the Ottoman authority, moreover, he killed the Ottoman ambassador sent for reconcilation of the relations. Tumanbay bought new cannons and weapons from the Venetians and he constructed a defence line through Ridaniye.

Sultan Selim and his army passed the Desert of Sina in 13 days and arrived Ridaniye. Sultan Selim was the first commander passed this horrible desert since the ancient times. As a military genius he circled around the El-Mukaddam Mountain and attacked the Mameluke Army from the south. The Mameluke artillery was stationary and they could not have moved the cannons. The Ottoman Army had won this battle in few hours. With this victory, the Mameluke State had came to an end.