Cairo was captured on 24th January 1517, Selim entered Cairo on 4th February 1517. He put an end to the Caliphate of Mameluke Abbassids. Tumanbay had been caught and executed. After the campaign of Egypt; Syria Philistine were annexed into the Ottoman Territories. The Oriental trade roads were gone under the Ottoman authority. The Ottoman treasury has filled up with taxes and bootys. On 6th of July 1516, the Holy Relics (Emanet-i Mukaddese) as Mohammed’s robe, teeth, sword, flag; were sent to Selim from Hedjaz. The last Abbasid Caliph Al-Mutawakkel was deposed from his rank as the spiritual head of Islam, and Selim was invested with the dignity by the sheriff of Mecca on 29th August 1517. Selim consequently added to his other title that of “servant of Mecca and Medina (the holy cities)”. Al-Mutawakkel himself gave his title to Selim and he had had dressed the Caliphate Robe himself in the ceremony in Ayasofya.

Sultan Selim was the first Ottoman Caliph and his successors took the title as well. From this period on the Ottoman Sultans began to be the Sultan of all the Islamic World.

When Selim came to throne, the Ottoman territories were 2.375.000 km square, during his short but very victorious career he enlarged the Ottoman Territories to 6.557.000 km square. He was one of the most important of all the Ottoman sultans. He had a great role in the apogee of the Ottoman Empire.

He had a very successful spy organisation. He had information from all around the country. He was very successful in choosing his officers.