The Period of Fetret (INTERREGNUM)

After the Ankara Battle, the Turkish unity in Anatolia was desolved and the Ottoman Empire faced with the danger of destruction. The sons of Bayezid I had began a throne struggle after his death. Thus, the most chaotic interragnum had began in the Ottoman history. Because of the Byzantine intrigues and Timurís destruction the civil war had begun among the shehzades. Suleyman Celebi in Edirne, Isa Celebi in Bursa, Mehmed Celebi in Amasya, and Musa in Balikesir declared their own sultanates.

Mehmed and Musa made an allience, and killed Isa. Mehmed knew that Suleyman must have been killed too. For this purpose, he sent Musa against Suleyman to Edirne. Musa had defeated his brother Suleyman and invaded Edirne, but did not keep his promise and declared himself as the sultan of Edirne. In 1413, Mehmed defeated Musa and he ended the interregnum.