First kazasker (Military judge) Candarli Kara Halil Pasha and first governor Lala Sahin Pasha were appointed by Murad I. Both were out of the ottoman family and for the first time non dynastic people were appointed to the important duties. Murad I legislated the Law of Timar. By this law, sipahi (cavalry soldiers) collected taxes to use in the times of war. They had organised military forces in their provinces. Until the 17th century with this legislation the Ottoman Armyís finance was solved without an extra effort. Also the law of Pencik that could be considered as the basic of the Yeniceri Corps was enacted (1361). By this law, the Christian children who were taken slaves from the conquered lands were taken to the Ottoman army and named as Devsirme.

Candarli Kara Halil and Kara Rustem Pashas introduced the first financial regulations to the Ottoman State in Muradís sultanate.

All of Muradís life had passed in the borders and in the battle fields. Murad I had always marched through to Anatolia from Roumelia, to Roumelia from Anatolia without resting or stopping. He commanded his army in all the battles. He acted in accordance with the commanders and the governors in his service.

Murad I conquered Eregli in the Black Sea, in 1360. He captured Ankara and Sultanonu from Ahis in 1361. In the same year he invaded Corlu, Kesan, Dimetoka, Pinarhisar, Babaeski, Luleburgaz and Gumulcine, Eski Zagra and Yenice province. All these victories were the results of Muratís genius in politics, he always had good relations with the surrounding countries, but always acted tactfully.

Muradís main target was to capture Edirne because of the city's strategic location. First, he invaded Edirneís surrodings to hinder a Byzantine support. Next, the Turkish forces besieged the city under the command of Lala Sahin Pasha. The Greek and the Bulgarian armies had been defeated. The city hoped for a Byzantine aid but there was non, in the end they have surrendered (1362).