Uzun Hasan was born in Diyarbakir, in 1423. Cihangir ascended to the Akkoyunlu throne following his father Ali’s dead. Uzun Hasan dethroned his brother Cihangir and replaced him. He married Katherina Despina the daughter of Trabzon Greek Emperor. He promised to protect Trabzon from Ottoman attacks. Uzun Hasan sent an ambassador to Istanbul and wanted to be forgiven from the tax the Greek Emperor paid for Kars region. Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror refused him and began his Trabzon campaign, in the spring of 1461. The Emperor David Komnenos failed to defend his lands and surrendered on 26th October 1461.

Uzun Hasan planned to extend his territories through Georgia, Syria, and Azerbaycan. He defeated the Karakoyunlu Sultan Cihan Shah. With his successful campaigns Hasan extended his territories through Iran, Armenia, and an important part of Mesopotamia. The next step was to raid on the Ottoman lands. He incited Karakoyunlu Sultan Pir Ahmed and Kasim Bey against the Ottoman Empire and with an sudden attack he invaded, in 1472. In addition Akkoyunlu commander Yusuf Mirza occupied Kayseri, Karaman, Hamideli regions. Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror decided to abolish Uzun Hasan’s state being a threaten for the Ottoman sovereign. In Otlukbeli on 11th August 1473, two rival states came across and Uzun Hasan was defeated by the strong Ottoman Army he withdrew to Iran. The capital of the Akkoyunlu State transfered to Tabriz. Hasan died in Tabriz, in 1478.


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