He was born in Kolojvar in Hungary, in 1674. He was a Turkish Printer and was the son of a Protestant Hungarian family. When he was studying theology, the Turks slaved him. He was brought to Istanbul and converted to Islam. He became muteferrika (the messenger of the viziers). He attended the meetings with the other governments as a translator. He served to Hungarian Prince F. Rakoezi who had been invited to Istanbul.

He planed to establish print-pressing facility; he learnt during his education in Hungary. He brought the print-pressing in 1719-1720. Religious groups opposed him. Damat Ferit Pasha repressed these groups. But, to print religious books was prohibited. The first important work printed was Vankuli Lugati. Besides this, 16 important works and some maps were printed. Ibrahim Muteferrika is the first Moslem established a print pressing facility. But, some non-Moslems were using it before.


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