Ghazi Osman Pasha was born in Tokat. His real name was Osman Nuri. His father was Mehmed Efendi, who was a clerk in Istanbul Timber Custom-House. His mother was Sakire Hanim. Osman Nuri was the only son of his family and when he was seven or eight years old, his family moved to Istanbul. He graduated from Military Secondary School, Military High School and The War Academy. In 1859, Ottoman government decided to make a census and to draw a map of land survey. These studies had begun firstly, in Bursa. Ghazi Osman Pasha was appointed to this duty as a military representative. He was sent to Crete because of the rebellion of Greeks, in 1866.

Ghazi Osman Pasha had a lot of military successes. But, his reputation had increased after the defeat of Serbian army commanded by Russian commanders. The war had begun by the declaration of Serbian Prince Milan, in 2nd July 1876. Osman Pasha defended Plevne successfully, during 1877-1878, Ottoman-Russian wars and at the end of the war; he has given the name of “Ghazi”; that is given to Moslem generals, who won a victory. He has political activities besides his military achievements. He united of religious groups in Istanbul. While he was working in the palace, he tried to influence Sultan Abdulhamid II about international relations.

Ghazi Osman Pasha died on Friday 4-5th April, in 1900. He was buried near Sultan Mehmed The Conqueror’s tomb. Ghazi Osman Pasha knew Arabic fluently, also a few Persian and French. He was married to Zatigul Hanim, the sister of Ferik Neset Pasha. Sultan Abdulhamid had his two daughters marry, to two sons of Ghazi Osman Pasha, as he appreciated Ghazi Osman Pasha very much.


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