François Baron de Tott was born in August 17 1733 in France. He is the son of a Hungarian noble. In 1754 he became an lieutenant in the French Army. In 1755 he came to Istanbul as the secretary of French Ambassador Vergennes. But his real duty was to learn Turkish and observe the condition of Ottoman Reign and to have information especially about Kirim. In 1763 he went back to Paris. In 1766 he was sent to Switzerland by the French Government.

In 1767 he was sent to Kirim as French Consulate to research the region and rebel the Tartars against Russia. He became an important figure of the Ottoman-Russian War in 1768. After a while Baron de Tott came to Istanbul, he was assigned to protect the Canakkale Bogazı against Russia. He followed the footsteps of Humbaracı Ahmed Pasha and tried to reform the Ottoman Army. He made new cannons. Built new castles around the Bosphorous. He visited all the Mediterranean Shores. He wrote his life in four books. After the French Revolution he went to Hungary and died there in September 24 1793.


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