Their names were, Kevork, Vichen, Hovsep Abdullah. They were Armenian originated Ottomans. They were the pioneers of the Ottoman photography. The most famous of the brothers, Kevork Abdullah (1839-1918) went to Italy and educated in Mourat-Raphael School. In 1858, he returned to Istanbul and opened a photograph studio. To improve their talents and knowledge he and his brother Vichen (death-1912) went to Paris twice. In 1867, they joined the Second International Paris Exhibition with their Istanbul photographs. Sultan Abdulaziz appointed them as the palace photographers. They were dismissed because of their connection to Russian commander-in-chief Nikola whom advanced to Yesilkoy (Istanbul) in 1878. In 1886, Kevork was invited to Egypt and stayed there for nine years. In 1895, he sold his studio.

The Abdullah brothers played an important role in the birth of Turkish photography. They  reflected political, social events, architectural monuments and natural beauties in their photographs.


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