He was an Ottoman statesman. He played an important role in Young Turks movement by his “Mesveret” (Consultation) newspaper. He met with the western culture in his early years. He completed his education in Galatasaray College and worked in the Ministry of International Relations as a translator. In 1884, he went to France for education. He observed the political and social movements there. He was interested in Positivism. After he returned to Istanbul he had worked in different governmental offices. In “Nilufer” (Water Lilly) journal he published his poems. He wrote many articles about Islam to the Positivist journal “La Revue Occidentale” and responded the articles about the Ottoman Empire. He published a programme prepared to improve the people’s culture by synthesising the western and eastern cultures.

On 23rd September 1897, he began to republish “Mesveret” and focused on the political events as the dethronement of Abdulhamid or the declaration of Kanun-i Esasi (The Main Law). He died in February, 1930, in Istanbul.


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